“Transform your life through connecting mind and body.”

Embodiology® is a movement. Participants can exponentially increase their capacity to innovate, whilst enhancing their wellbeing, vitality and empathy.

Embodiology® uses specific principles drawn from indigenous performance methodologies to shape an optimizing mindbody practice. Programs, workshops and coaching sessions are designed for any age or physical ability; intergenerational participation is appropriate, encouraged and highly beneficial.

Embodiology® is a product of action research in Ghana, mainly from within an Anlo-Ewe community. And in respect to drawing upon their indigeous knowledge, resources are returned to their community each time Embodiology® principles are shared in full or in part.

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Due to the recent events of COVID-19, Embodiology® has gone virtual. To experience "Virtual Embodiology®" visit our Events page for upcoming sessions. If you have any question please email at info@embodiology.com or send an inquiry on the Contact page.


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