About Embodiology®

No matter what the discipline or practice you pursue, Embodiology® advances performance in all areas of human endeavor.

What Makes Embodiology® Different?

Embodiology® originates from a study of improvisation within traditional West African performance practices through which six principles were identified. These principles were then iteratively tested in western performance contexts to attain their performance efficacy. They are now being translated and applied to different areas of human communication. It utilizes a combined movement, music and sensory practice that builds mind body dexterity to build skills of empathy and communication, with additional outcomes of improved physical agility and abundant creativity.

Embodiology®️ fosters innovation regardless of your field of expertise.

Embodiology®️ recognizes the entirety of who you are; both mind AND body.

Embodiology®️ advances your awareness of bodily sensations, physical environment, intuition, cognitive activity, motor skills and imagination, thereby transforming your creative capacity.

The Embodiology®️ method teaches you how to pay attention to your body. Sensory intelligence is a gateway to knowing, connecting, and communicating with others more effectively.

Our Team

Noelle White

Noelle White

Project Coordinator

Deirdre Lovell

Deirdre Lovell

Program Manager

Tawanda Chabiwa

Tawanda Chabikwa


Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young

Administrative Assistant


Web Team

Jazette Johnson

(2018 - 2020)

Micaela Hunter



Leandro Damasco, Mary Ladoni, Jonathan Godoy, Arturio Rubio, Deirdre Lovell, Gwen Parks. ️

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