Embodiology® is a six-tier transdisciplinary methodology that results in practitioners being able to create on-the-spot, with or for others, with mindful dexterity. The Embodiology® methodology creates a super-highway to understanding and practicing improvisation, as deßmonstrated in African and African diasporic practices, and it is also an alternative method for teaching how to work within stage, site specific, social action and cinematic environments. Embodiology® is a registered trademark owned by Dr. S. Ama Wray and as such demonstrates a commitment, as a product of action research, to return a royalty payment to the Ewe community in Ghana each time its principles are shared in full or in part.

Embodiology® What is it?

Embodiology®- a six-tier methodology that results in practitioners being able to choreograph on-the-spot...

Embodiology® in LA, Fall 2019

Introducing Embodiology in LA - November 24, 2019. Videography by Johnathan Godoy

Intro to Virtual Embodiology®️

Intro to Virtual Embodiology®️
March and April 2020

Embodiology® @ Work Embodiology @ Play

This is an abbreviated fly through of the 75 min piece through still images. Watch the full video

Surya Swilley - talks Embodiology®

At the Atlantic Center fo the Arts,
May 2018

TEDxOrangeCoast- ‘Bodily Steps to Innovation’

Segerstrom Hall, Orange County, California, 2011

Introducing Embodiology® in Practice

Embodiology® is a new approach to improvisation that yields powerful results both in performance and ...

Embodiology Immersion Highlights 2019


ACA Master Artist Residency

Leading a group of 8 international Associate Artists that hold interest in dance of the African Diaspora and...

Embodied Connection Conference - Knowing the World Through the Body

Embodied Connection Conference - Embodiology: Knowing the World Through the Body

‘Hire’ Knowledge

Created by S. Ama Wray, premiered Barclay Theatre, February 19-21, UCI Dance Dept Design by Taryn Lee Lighting by Morgan Embry We are living in a time...

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